10 Best Tiwa Savage’s hairstyle ideas (PHOTOS)


Tiwa Savage hairstyle inspiration is what makes women change the way they look. This star has changed her own appearance many times and the list of the hairstyles she has tried is quite long. The way she rocks pixie, long hair extensions, colors and styles are incredibly charming. Just take a look.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

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Tiwa Savage latest hairstyles

Tiwa Savage is one of those ladies who attract the attention of all the people around her without special efforts, just owing to her stunning natural look. When she enhances her beauty with bright and catchy hairstyles, she becomes several times as impressive.

Top Tiwa Savage hairstyles: short, braids, weavon

Image source: stylerave.com

Let’s take a look at some of the hairstyles she often to wear and see how such a design can influence the way a beautiful woman looks.

Tiwa Savage pixie look: the impressive cheekbones

Top Tiwa Savage pixie

A pixie haircut as is doesn’t suit just every face. A girl needs a lot of courage to have her hair cut like this and take good care of her hair when she does it. Pixie haircut on African hair requires a lot of straightening and in case you have very curly hair, you will need to give it a lot of effort to make it look that shiny and silky.

However, Tiwa rocks the style easily. The shape of the bangs perfectly draws attention to her cheekbones and their excellent shape. Besides that, no hair around the face reveals her pretty Bambi eyes. If you, too, have large eyes and shaped cheekbones, try wearing this style, too.

Take a look at Tiwa’s variations of this haircut: sometimes, she’s wearing bangs that surround her forehead and sometimes her bangs shade one eye that add charm to her glance. The variation with the asymmetric bangs is great for ladies with rounded faces.

This was, probably, one of the riskiest adventures Tiwa has ever tried with her hair and she has definitely rocked the style!

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