15 Amazing Ways To Get That Flawless Skin You’ve Always Wanted


5. Wash Hands.

Before you wash your face at any time, wash your hands first.

6. Eat a balanced diet.

Most people with glowing skin are very mindful of what they eat, you should do likewise to get their results.

7. Exercise.

Exercise is as important as sleep to your skin. You need to exercise to improve blood circulation and get oxygen to the organs of the body which in turn keeps your skin healthy and bright.

8. Spa treatment.

Visit the spa at least once a month for professional body treatments, this helps your skin glow and gives an opportunity to experts to examine your skin often.

9. Sponge.

Change your sponge at least once every 2 months. If left for too long, your sponge can begin to accumulate bacteria which is unhealthy for your skin.

10. Pimples.

Do not pop your pimple, no matter how bad the urge is. This is to prevent it from scarring and leaving dark marks on the face.

11. Pillowcase.

Wash your pillowcase at least once a week because it touches your face a lot and harbour bacteria and dirt which are not good for the skin.

12. Phone.

Clean your phone once a week with a sanitizer. We drop our phones in several unhygienic places and still bring it to our face when receiving calls, this can cause a lot of problems for the skin.

13. Towels.

Use separate towels for body and face because the face is more sensitive and using the same towel for body and face can spread bacteria to the face causing acne and other skin problems.

14. Face Towels.

Wash your face towels every 2 days especially if you have acne. You may need to have more than one face towel to make this possible.

15. Before and After Workout.

When going for workouts/exercises, do not apply makeup and ensure you take a shower immediately after work out. Do not let the sweat dry up on your body.

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