30 top trendiest natural hairstyles of this year for middle-length hair! (PHOTOS)


19. Flat twist bangs bun

Making the bangs flat twist is a good way to keep your hair protected and adding the dimension to your regular bun hairstyle. If you are a fan of buns and are looking for something new that could add style to your hair, you can use this easy technique and breathe a whole new life into the regular bun.

Flat twist bangs bun

20. Chunky Bantu knot hairstyle

Who does not love Bantu knots? They are one of the most popular ethnic hairstyles for beautiful black women with natural hair. They also can be done in any way you like – either more knots that are smaller or fewer knots that are larger. Usually, women with middle-length hair choose the second option. However, you can always experiment with Bantu knots and make them your own.

Bantu knots

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