30 top trendiest natural hairstyles of this year for middle-length hair! (PHOTOS)


25. Flat twists all over

The braided twists all over your hair are a great decision because it will make you look young and refreshed. This style is also perfect for women who love sports – it looks both simple and trendy, and it will not bother you when you are doing sporty activities. Aside that, flat twists are great style for vacation, where you would not want to be worried about your hairstyle.

Flat twists all over

26. Flexi rod curls and side braids

The curls called flexi rods are popular among those women who would like to put some spiral texture in their hair. They are great for making your hair bouncy and adding extra volume. Sometimes, ladies have interesting ideas about additional touches to their flexi rods, for example adding some side braids which will make the look even fancier.

Flexi rod curls and side braids

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