30 top trendiest natural hairstyles of this year for middle-length hair! (PHOTOS)







9. Twin Dutch braid buns

While this hairdo looks elite and [email protected], it can also look cool and edgy, depending on which style you choose to combine with it. Either way, the braid buns look absolutely cute on middle length natural hair, and everyone will admire your ability to make creative hairstyles.

Twin Dutch braid buns





10. Natural curls updo with a hair wrap

There is no woman who would not suit this lovely hairstyle. Headwrap always makes you look on point, and this look can be used for the days when you feel like your natural hair is not cooperative enough, or when you are out of time. By the way, the wrap also protects your hair from breakage and is suitable for almost every occasion.

Natural curls updo with a hair wrap

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