30 top trendiest natural hairstyles of this year for middle-length hair! (PHOTOS)


11. Four flat twists into two low buns

For middle-length hair, there is no better hairstyle. It showcases your individuality and makes you look like you descend from royalty. Even though braided hairstyles require some skill or help from your friends or stylist, this one is quite easy to do even for the beginners. This look will last for long and protect your natural hair.

Four flat twists into two low buns




12. Jumbo bun

This hairstyle is both dramatic and sophisticated. The African women gather their fluffy hair into jumbo buns for any occasion – it can be good both for a regular working day and for a wedding day or other special event. It is especially great for showing the beautiful facial features. You can dye it in some interesting color or leave your own.

Jumbo bun

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