5 Ways To Punish Your Girlfriend If She Misbehaves


Punishing is a bit of a touchy subject.

You obviously never want to tell a woman outright that you will punish her for her actions – she’ll view you as calculating, and hence manipulative. So the best way is to take action. If you like to be in control, this should work for you just fine.

Here are 5 ways to punish your girlfriend if she misbehaves: 

1. Withdraw your attention.

If she starts acting bitchy and insulting you look bored. Give her less of your attention. Let your eyes drift away slightly and glaze over. Slowly lean back in your seat. Let your interest start fading out and pulling away. It’s important to seem subtle and not overly demonstrative so it doesn’t look childish.

2. Be dismissive.

When women say things you don’t like, it’s okay to be dismissive and change the topic. For instance, if a woman is telling you about her ex-boyfriend, then suddenly tells you she thinks all men are pigs, you might reply with something like, “[sigh] Only the ones that live in barnyards. So anyway, what happened after your found out your ex had another girlfriend?” This way you can progress to a more productive conversation

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