6 Very Risky Things You Should Never Do While Dating


3. Living together.

Why give the milk to him when he hasn’t bought the cow? And why would you take care of a cow that’s not entirely yours? It goes both ways.

Don’t provide the other all the services. Be independent until you make it official to be dependent on each other. Legal backing will help resolve any problem that springs up.


4. Compulsorily cooking, washing and cleaning for him.

Sister, you’re not a wife yet. Neither are you a housemaid. If you want to help, fine. But please don’t make it a habit. You won’t like the end.

5. Paying for all her expenses.

Impressing someone who loves you is not a very hard task. And is not almost always about money. Don’t be her ATM. Support when possible but never be the go-to for all her money problems.

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