8 Things You Should Never Say When She Tells You “I’m Pregnant”


For a woman, one of the best parts of being pregnant is when she gets to share the happy news with her lover.

The problem is that men aren’t always so enthusiastic about pregnancies, especially if the woman in question is just a girlfriend or friend with benefits and not an official wife. Pregnancies scare men and as a result, we tend to react in the most blunderous ways.

It’s important to understand that the woman did not make the baby alone. No matter how shocked you are, avoid saying the wrong thing. But wait…what’s the wrong thing to say?

Here are some classic examples:

1. Is it mine?

Well, if she told you she’s pregnant, it means it’s yours. Or who else do you think it belongs to? Do you think Angel Gabriel visited her and so she’s going to give birth Jesus 2.0?

2. Are you sure?

Of course, she’s sure. Women don’t just guess pregnancies. She must have taken a test and that means she’s sure. What do you mean when you ask “Are you sure?”

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