A Look Into The Life Of 60-Year-Old Actress Patience Ozokwor


5. Ozokwor left teaching to go into broadcasting where she was a radio announcer and newscaster. She worked at the station until it closed down.

6. She opened a school to help young female school dropouts. She taught the girls hair and skin care. She was able to help these young ladies open their own businesses.

7. She was the Assistant to the wife of the Mayor of the local government. She served in this political post for four years.

8. As a result of her husband’s illness and later [email protected], Patience concentrated on her family while returning to school to learn graphic arts and [email protected] communication for the next few years.

9 In order to earn money to feed her family Patience took odd jobs, which was when she landed a TV commercial.

10. As a result of the commercial, she was asked to do a soap opera entitled Someone Cares, a program about rural women, for the National Television Authority.

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