Prisons don focus on reforming convicts


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Replica Hermes Bags Katie Piper acid attack thug could be released replica hermes pillows from jail within weeks after serving eight years of life sentenceStefan Sylvestre was hermes replica belt jailed indefinitely in 2009 for the horrendous attack that left Katie scarred for lifeDescribing the moment she received high quality replica bags a letter saying her attacker was trying to change the terms of his real leather hermes birkin replica sentence, she wrote in her autobiography: “It was hard to believe that the man who hermes birkin crocodile bag replica threw acid in my face had already served almost six years of his life sentence, or that he was eligible to apply for a change in the terms of his “The two of them had taken so much from me, and now this man’s punishment might soon be over.”I thought, ‘I’m the one with the life sentence. Not him. He can change his identity, change his name, get a new job, a partner, move on, but I can’t. Replica Hermes Bags

hermes birkin bag replica cheap Prisons in the USA are one of the most corrupt and scariest things about this country and it only getting worse. I find it very ironic we went from citizens legally owning minorities to produce output to now prisons “owning” minorities (anyone they really can) to produce output. Prisons don focus on reforming convicts, they used for slave labor and upon release simply wait for them to re enter the slaveforce. hermes birkin bag replica cheap

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