The province issued 51 licences for retail pot shops


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Replica Bags Wholesale In an interview with the Leader Post prior to the opening, owner Natasha Waldbauer said, has definitely been a challenge. She attributed the issue, in part, to delays in opening.were lucky enough to be able to secure some supply, and we didn want to keep Regina waiting anymore, she said earlier this month.Other stores around the province are experiencing similar problems. The province issued 51 licences for retail pot shops, but only seven have opened.Last month, the province acknowledged that only one wholesale cannabis company has been granted a permit to operate.A day after legalization, the province acknowledged that only one wholesale pot company had been granted a permit to operate so far but it wasn closing the door to other local suppliers.of our setup, or our framework, was to allow as many wholesalers into Saskatchewan that can make a business of it, so we allowed the private sector to do what they do best.At that time, the SLGA said there were eight more wholesale cannabis applications in the permitting process, and there is no cap on the number of cannabis wholesalers it will allow.. Replica Bags Wholesale

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