10 Reasons You’re Not Escaping The Friend Zone


The friend zone is that place you are put when one party makes it clear that there’s nothing more that can happen.

You’re friends and nothing more or less than friends and sadly you will not escape this zone. It is a sad place to be because it can get confusing when you are meant to be friends with someone you like. It can also appear selfish because you don’t want to be in that zone but you still hang out and occasionally have a free pass for some relationship benefits.

You’re that person he/she calls when they’re in trouble or need something. But you’re still stuck in the friend zone and here’s why you won’t escape it anytime soon.

1. He/she is in a relationship.

The person you like is in a relationship but you insist on being there just in case they break up and you are next in the lineup. You’re the one who is called when their relationship isn’t going well and a few days or hours later you have a special chemistry but by the time you finish giving your all loving advice you’re back in the friend zone. You’ll keep waiting for this person who won’t give you anything more because they love someone else.

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