11 Creative Photo Ideas Every Bride Should Try With Her Bridesmaids On Her Big Day


bride and bridesmaids creative photo ideas

Every woman looks forward to her wedding day and pictures help to preserve those amazing moments.

Besides taking photos with your husband, family and friends the pictures you take with your bridesmaids are very key.




Picture poses can get pretty boring but you can always switch things up and of course, carry your photographer along.

These  11 creative bride and bridesmaids pose would help you cherish your big day more.

1. Take a cue from Zainab Balogun and her bridal party

2. A set up by the stairs is a great idea

3. Cute props always do the trick


4. A pre-wedding selfie never hurt anybody


5.  Give the bride the chance to stand out


6.  Who else would protect you on your big day if not your bridesmaids?

7. Another lovely photo idea


8. This one gives the bride the chance to stand out


9. Show some love to the bride

10.  This is so unique

11. Who can resist some pre-wedding coffee?


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