11 Male Celebrities That Love To Show Their Children Off On Social Media


Some male celebrities live such a private life that you rarely get to hear anything about their personal life including their wives, girlfriends, children except for what they want you to know.




While there are some that they can’t do without showing the world hos blessed they are. Not that any of these is lesser than the other but fans need to sometimes be reminded that these people are someone’s father too.

And also the love some share with their family is something they can’t hide because they feel proud or blessed with what they have, so they cannot help but show off.


These are 11 celebrities that love to show off their children on social media.

1. Timi Dakolo and his three kids are just adorable no matter the time of day

2. Ubi Franklin says his two kids are the most important to him.

3.  Olamide and his cute son have the same expressions

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