14 Nigerian Celebrities Whose Tattoos Will Make You Wish You Had One


Nigerian Female Celebrities Tattoo

Tattoos have for some time now been a trend and more and more people are buying into it. This can be permanent, temporary or colourful.

It can also be drawn on any part of the body- from the neck to shoulders, hands, thighs, legs, belly, waist and any other part of your body you want to.

Nigerian celebrities are also not left out of the trend. A huge number of them have tattoos- some discreet and some open and they are never afraid to flaunt it.




If you have been yearning to have a Tattoo, these celebrities with theirs will spur you on.

1. Tonto Dike in her unique design on her arm.

2. Adaeze Yobo got her’s in a little corner at her back.

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