20 Best Nigerian traditional wedding attires you will love (PHOTOS)


Despite the fact that white classic ceremonies are very popular in Nigeria, Nigerian traditional wedding outfits will never lose their relevance. Below, you will find many interesting ideas for your celebration.





Nigerian traditional wedding outfits

Traditional wedding attire for bride

Most of Nigerian native wears are sewed of Aso-Oke. It is a natural fabric that has a very wide color palette. Lace and George are also among the most popular fabric. Modern designers create real masterpieces using native motifs and this material.

There are also many impressive variants of lace Aso Ebi in the market. They can have different length and colors, asymmetrical elements, decollete shape, cutout on the back.

Nigerian wedding

As for the customs of wedding fashion, they were created by our ancestors and preserved by modern newlyweds, which can’t but rejoice. Yoruba brides include the following elements to their attires:

  • Iro is a long piece of cloth that women wrap around the waist.
  • Buba is a comfortable and elegant blouse of loose cut with long sleeves.

Iro and Buba

  • Aso-Oke and other fabrics are used to bead a Gele – traditional headdress.

Gele headdress

  • Iborun/ipele – a piece of cloth that is placed on the shoulder.
  • Also, you should add the jewelry Ileke, beads, bracelets, earrings.
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