20 Lace blouse styles to rock in 2018 (Photos)


What are the latest Nigerian lace blouse styles? A blouse is one of the basic items of women’s wardrobe for creating not only an evening or romantic look but a business look too.



Design collections in 2018 amaze us with diversity and charm. Do you want to know more about how to look gorgeous this year? Keep reading to get inspired and learn the latest trends.

Latest Nigerian lace blouse styles

Lace has a centuries-old history. For the first time, lace fabric originated in France. It’s created by interlacing the finest threads in a special way to make embossing. The lace looks very gentle, feminine and refined. This season lace outfits are in great demand. Now, we will talk about lace blouse styles in more details.

Nigerian traditional lace blouse style

Modern Nigerian lace blouse style

Guipure blouse can be worn almost anywhere and with anything. Another great plus is the versatility of the item. It can be worn for rest, office, club party, birthday, and many other events. Only it’s necessary to think carefully about the combination with the rest of the garments.

Nigerian beaded lace blouse style

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