20 latest short gown styles for real fashionistas (PHOTOS)


What are the latest short gown styles for real fashionistas? The stylish short dress is an indispensable attribute of a wardrobe.

Latest short gown styles

What is a short dress for a woman? First of all, it’s the opportunity to show the world her beauty. Therefore, fashion designers don’t miss the possibility to offer their beautiful models of a short gowns to the beautiful half of humanity. They can emphasize the figure’s merits of each lady advantageously.

Short gown styles

As you know, fashion does not stand still. Every year it offers all new styles of short dresses with interesting combination of textures, decoration, and cut. The main trend 2018 is refined femininity.

Short gown designs

We should pay tribute to designers.




They easily manage to please fans of any style. In collections of famous brands, you can find the whole range of women’s preferences completely different from each other.

Short gown with a feminine silhouette

The main feature of short gowns in 2018 is feminine silhouettes. Dresses can clearly sit on a figure from a stiff fabric or easy flow with a set of draperies, folds, and flounces. But soft flowing lines dominate.

Short gown with a bright print

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