20 Things You Must Know Before You Clock 30


One of the things our elders keep saying is “life is a lesson, learn it.”

As the clock continues to move, much is expected of man as we grow older but we must also think of our needs. The socio-economic environment is dynamic, creating various social standings in the society. So what do we do to fit in at least one of the strata? The answer is “improve ourselves.”

It’s true, you don’t have to live to impress anyone but you can’t afford to remain where you are as society flips to a new chapter. Be sure to possess these qualities as you mature as an adult.

1. Discover Yourself

It is a discovery that enlists you for life. A man can be born and be useless. A man of discovery is a man that has found a way to affect the world positively. You can be wealthy without being great. For example, A man like Wole Soyinka, if possibly he doesn’t have a car or house of his own, would you still consider him as a great man? Yes, because he has found a way he can never be ignored. Wole Soyinka has an open cheque to great words in the dictionary. A man of discovery is a man of fullest; a man living life to the fullest. Learn how to use what you have to solve problems.


2. Learn To Use Your Gifting To Solve Problems Definitely

How does your gifting works? It’s step by step; by positioning yourself for rewards. Using your gift to solve problems. Continue to improve the problem-solving ability of what you have.

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