30 Latest cord lace styles in Nigeria 2018 for real fashionistas (PHOTOS)


Let’s talk about the latest cord lace styles in Nigeria 2018. Do you like cord lace, but you doubt whether it’s worth wearing cord lace styles in 2018? Rejoice! Just in this season, they are especially relevant! Elegant, gentle, feminine guipure lace styles give you a unique charm!

Latest cord lace styles in Nigeria 2018

Now feminine, elegant and gentle images are valued. Cord lace fits perfectly into this aesthetics. Clothing made from beautiful cord lace at the top of fashion looks.

Short cord lace evening dress

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Cord lace styles of pastel colors

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Latest cord lace styles in Nigeria 2018

Nigerian lace dress styles

The best hit is the coquettish cord lace dress. A little black dress-case is always on trend. Besides, in the season 2018, designers offer beautiful lace dresses of wonderful tones – pistachio, lavender, peach, cream, and powder pink.

Cord lace festive midi dress-case

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If you add luxurious pearls, elegant light colored shoes, the trendy image of ‘ladylike’ is created. However, you can easily combine the tender and pastel tones of lace dresses with colors of your accessories. In this case, such accessories emphasize the attire’s grace.

White cord lace festive gown with blue underdress

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Long evening lace dresses are incredibly adorable. Lace makes the whole image exciting and captivating. Cord lace gown is an excellent option for evening and festive outings. In hot weather, give preference to natural lace fabrics made of cotton. But in a restaurant or on a date you can wear a dress made of artificial materials, as they allow you to emphasize all the charms of a female figure.

Cord lace dress with chiffon train for a wedding

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Cord lace wedding gown

Cord lace wedding gown, picture from www.ankarafashion.com.ng

Besides, cord lace wedding dresses are fabulously charming. Brides can choose both classic white dress and gown made of trendy pastel tones. The perfect cord lace dress is a long straight simple gown with simple tailoring and long sleeves. Such uncomplicated design shows the beauty of cord lace pattern at its best.

Midi dress with cord lace

Midi dress with cord lace, picture from www.clbxg.com

In evening and wedding cord lace dresses usually, a top is made of lace entirely. Cord lace is ideal for bustier-style dresses since it keeps the shape well. Moreover, if you choose a flared maxi dress, then make a skirt from a lighter and airy material. It can be chiffon, for example. Use cord lace only for inserts, hemline decoration or a train.

Fashion designers also offer other clothes made from cord lace. Skirts, blouses, tops, pants, shorts are perfect examples of everyday clothes. Most of these styles look simple, but, they are elegant.

Cord lace blouse with open shoulders

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