5 Interesting Things That Happened On Day 81 At The BB Naija 2018 House


Day 81 at the BB Naija 2018 House had the housemates moving on to other challenges and moving around their differences. Also as the show is winding down, the housemates are feeling the calling of home.

These are the interesting things that happened on day 81 at the BB Naija 2018 house.

The Buff Softie and Green Haired Lady

Yesterday morning Tobi tenderly offered to trim Alex’s long braids and refresh her hairstyle. As she came to sit on the floor, he sat behind her caringly held a pair of scissors in his hands as the improvised hairdresser he had become to allow her to change the style and feel glammed up. The sight of Tobi clumsily and slowly cutting Alex’s hair was only equaled by the pure confidence and comfort she showed in him. Earlier this week, Tobi and Miracle had told Alex of their genuine appreciation of her natural, uncompromised beauty as they seemed to never make a big case of the range of flashy colors she sported in her hair.

It is a rare woman who would let inexperienced hands near her crown of glory, as the fear of bad hair days is usually enough to threaten any woman’s poise. Yet despite Tobi’s lack of credentials in this domain, Alex didn’t blink for a second as she let him gently trim her waist-long green mane. It made for a rather jolly instant to have the twice Head of House Alex and thrice Head of House Tobi share this unplanned intimate moment. As soon as the matter had been handled, Alex sprung back on her feet and rushed to the mirror to admire her new reflection, while Tobi stretched out his arms, looking all proud of his achievement.

Friendship Goals

For all the wahala that the House has given us, Alex and Tobi have stuck to each other and have gone through thick and thin together. Like the two peas in a pod that they are, they’ve tolerated each other’s craziness and come rain or shine dealt together with their mixed emotions. No matter what happens after the game, Alex and Tobi’s friendship will go down in history as one that has proven that the language of friendship was not words but meanings.

Jacuzzi Hour

The jacuzzi is by far the one facility of the Double Wahala House whose benefits Housemates have not fully enjoyed. For some reason between the Tasks, Challenges, Wagers, Parties, Romances and Live Shows Housemates seem to have resisted the hot tub appeal.

As usual, Tobi dragged Miracle to the jacuzzi but the waters proved to be at a higher temperature than they could tolerate. The two friends entered inch by inch into the tub while hopping from one foot to another as not to be seen as chickening out of waters. Nina who had also changed into a bathing costume also came by, but the sight of the two big fellows fighting to immerse into the waters stopped her from joining them. Nina initially held back, fearing she might not cope with the steamy liquids, but Miracle managed to convince her to dip one inch at a time until her body had adjusted to the temperature.

By then Miracle and Tobi were comfortably immersed in the waters, with Nina still sitting on the edge, casually chatting and looking ravished to just hanging there in the group. Given there’s no party in the House without Alex, it didn’t take long for her to also appear and get ready to take a dip in the hot bath. In the heat of the moment, Alex entered and sat next to Tobi, only to realize seconds later that her mic had dipped too deep and was compromised, which Biggie’s voice confirmed by calling her into the Diary Room to replace it.

With all the drama that has taken place within the walls of the Double Wahala House, we cannot help but wonder how many more could have been pacified just by the purifying effects of water. As much each Housemate has at one point or another been involved in some peace-brokering efforts, perhaps just sitting together in a hot steamy bath, listening to music, singing and just relaxing would have done wonders. What do you think?

Later in the evening, the four Housemates who progressed from the first Minimie task earlier were asked to pair and create a two-minute Television commercial.

Unfortunately for Tobi, he didn’t make to the next round of the task which is worth 500,000 Naira. However, Big Brother allowed him the opportunity to be the go-to guy whenever the pairs needed help.

Nina and Cee-C joined forces while Alex and Miracle formed another team and were given a three-hour time frame to complete their task.

Help Out or Leave

Tobi’s excitement when he saw the camera was too visible to contain as he shared his knowledge with his fellow Housemates on how the equipment worked.

His willingness to help wasn’t without drama though when Cee-C lashed out at him when he was trying to help them.

Dressed in a school girl’s uniform, Cee-C and Nina were ready to shoot their video when Tobi explained how the camera works. Cee-C then pointed out that Tobi has a negative energy and his reluctance to help is obvious.

The few exchanges of words between Cee-C and Tobi had Nina fatigued and she told Cee-C that she had lost interest but made it clear that they will use Tobi’s help when they need to.

Minimie for Everyone

For their skits, Cee-C and Nina have chosen to do a commercial focusing on a young girl who enjoys a variety of Minimie’s offerings.

Miracle and Alex have taken an adult route where they’re portraying a couple who’s expecting and the wife craves Minimie’s variety of noodles.

The pair that wins will walk away with the cash prize and a year’s supply of Minimie Noodles and Minimie chinchin.

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