5 Reasons Why Ladies Should Not Give Money To Their Boyfriends


Reasons Ladies Should Not Give Men Money

Of recent, stories about how men used and dumped women after having drained them financially, physically and mentally have flooded the internet. As a result of this, more women are coming out with their stories to make the world know that giving men money while you are not married is not too good an idea.



Wondering if it’s really not wrong to give your man money, we have just 5 reasons which will change your mind immediately.

1. It might make the man lazy

There is something called responsibility and if as a lady, you keep playing the role of the man in your relationship, you’d regret it at the end of the day. This is not saying that you cannot help out once in a while but limit it. Allow your man to be responsible and hardworking. Do not try to play his role.

2. He may take you for granted.

Almost all of the stories we hear about women who went all out for their boyfriends have pathetic ends. Do not allow this happen to you. The truth is when men meet ladies who are generous, they see her as desperate and senseless most of the time and they end up taking advantage of her.

3. He will most likely leave

Wondering how true this is, it is very true. Oh, he will keep stringing you along, promising you the heaven and the earth but in the long run, you’ll find out his intentions for you are no honourable because you gave him everything on a platter of gold.

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