5 Smart Ways To Test Your Boyfriend To See If He’s Worth It


Sometimes we need to put our men on the spot, test them and see how they react.

This is the best way to make sure you know where you are at with him and see how seriously he takes you. Also to check if he’s misbehaving. If he ends up failing these ‘tests’ it’s obviously not a good sign.

Here are 5 smart ways to test your boyfriend to see if he’s worth it: 

1. Ask him for his Instagram account.

If you are able to access his social media accounts without issue then you and your boyfriend have officially reached peak relationship goals. It either means he’s got nothing to hide, or he hides his secrets well. Which in a way is a good thing.

2. Ask him to pass by the store and buy you pads or tampons.

If he refuses to do this clearly he has a masculinity problem and that’s something you need to think about. In the event when you are in need, will he prioritize his manhood?

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