5 Ways You’ve Been Wearing Your Jeans Wrong


2019 is going to be our style year. We are all going to drop those fashion mistakes and do ourselves some fashion good.

If you’ve been wearing your jeans in any of these ways, then we want to let you know, you’ve been wearing it wrong and it has been killing your style.

Here are 5 ways you probably didn’t know you’ve been wearing your jeans wrong.

1. Super Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans are en vogue, yes! we know but that doesn’t mean you should be wearing your denim like a yoga pant. Super skinny jeans are not cool and it makes you look pumped up and rounded in them. If you’re a skinny guy and it fits you right, that’s okay, but for a heavy guy in skinny jeans that makes you look like you’re gasping for air, that’s not cool.

super skinny jeans

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