7 Activities Single Mothers Can Participate In When Their Kids Are Not Home


single mom activities

Being a single mother can be quite challenging. Having to take on the role of a father and mother at the same time requires a lot of strength and courage.

At times many single mothers tend to spend more time catering to work and their kids leaving them no time for themselves and even when the opportunity to relax shows up they have no idea what to do.




Well, if you fall into this category here are 7 activities you can do as a single mom while your kids are away.

1. Read a Book

single mom activities

Reading tends to help one relax especially if its an interesting book. Find the time to finish up on that book you have been putting off.

2. Catch up with friends

single mom activities

Is there a friend you have been wanting to catch up with? This is the perfect time to do so.

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