7 Signs You’re Not Ready To Be In A Relationship


Unfortunately, wanting a serious relationship and being ready for one are two very different things.

Although sometimes we think we’re really ready, our minds and hearts betray us when we realize we’re pushing our partners (and the relationship) away through certain actions.

However to make sure you don’t sabotage any future relationships, here are 7 signs you’re not ready for a relationship like you think you are: 

1. Your constantly fantasizing about Mr/Miss Right.

You find yourself imagining about a prince charming or princess who will come and sweep you off your feet. However, life isn’t a fairy tale and it takes a bit of work to find Mr/MissRight, you may have to kiss a few frogs until you realize what a good man is for you.


2. You have a mindset of ‘forever’

If you have a mentality of being with someone forever then stop. It’s good to imagine that you can enjoy undying love for someone like in the movies, but in reality it takes much more work to tolerate someone for a lifetime.

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