7 top Ankara evening gowns trends for real fashionistas (PHOTOS)


Hey, fashionistas, you definitely should have a look at the bright images with beautiful Ankara gowns for events! What are the latest beautiful Ankara styles for special occasions? Let’s deal with it together! We are sure you will find something special for the creation of a perfect look.

Beautiful Ankara gowns for solemn events

Demonstration of an excellent sense of style is always appropriate and without any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you go shopping, jogging in a park, attend a business meeting or get-together with friends, or you are going to an event. When it comes to occasions be rest @ssured that other women will examine you from head to foot.

Ankara gowns for solemn events

They certainly notice the relevance of your outfit and its compliance with the latest fashion trends. That’s why every self-respecting lady thinks carefully about what kind of dress is worth adding to her evening wardrobe. A festive attire requires a particularly responsible choice and close attention because the evening gown gives women an opportunity to feel feminine, charming and attractive.

Let’s consider in detail Ankara styles for ladies. Ankara dresses will help you to create such outfit.

Get chic in Ankara gowns

In 2018, the renowned fashion gurus offered Nigerian girls a choice from a huge range of evening dresses. In trend, there is a minimalist silhouette, embodied in elegant Ankara dresses-cases of maxi length, and Ankara mixed evening gowns, referring us to the era of baroque with accentuated luxury and plenty of

  • openwork embroidery;
  • lace motifs;
  • velvet inserts;
  • iridescent brocade;
  • shine satin fabrics.

Ankara gown with brocade and chiffon inserts (Miss Africa 2017)

Ankara gown with brocade and chiffon inserts (photo from Miss Africa 2017)

Ball dresses were pressed by strict models. Nevertheless, they have an element of certain luxury with a long train. Despite all the severity of solemn styles in 2018, designers decided that in fashion world there is a room for transparent trim for the dresses with a deep neckline or bare shoulder line.

Ankara gown with decor (photo from Miss Africa 2017)

Photo from Miss Africa 2017

Ankara gown with lace decor (photo from Miss Africa 2017)

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