8 Reasons To Sleep Totally Nak3d At Night, According To Science


Reasons To Sleep Totally Naked

So lose the PJs and put on your birthday suit!

Had a hot date and fell asleep unclad? Dragged yourself out of the shower and don’t have the energy to put pajamas on? It’s happened to all of us — and turns out it’s fine. Whatever your reason, there’s a lot of reason to consider making a habit of sleeping unclad!

8. You’ll Have Better Skin.

It’s good for your skin, which likes to breathe, says Jenny Block, author of Oh Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate climax. Especially if you tend to sweat at night, sleeping sans clothes can be a great idea. Wet, constricted skin leads to breakouts and fun stuff like athlete’s foot. (Just consider the tragedies we see at the gym!)

7. You’ll Regulate Your Hormones.

Sleeping unclad can help regulate your cortisol levels because your body remains cooler than when it’s clothed, says Block. Cortisol can creep up when the body gets too warm, leading to anxiety, food cravings, and weight gain. It can also manage your melatonin and growth hormone levels — again, by keeping you cooler — which helps to keep you younger longer.

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