According To Joro Olumofin, These Are 31 Places You Can Find The Love Of Your Life


Adejoro Olumofin is a psychologist and Lagos socialite that a lot of people active on social media know as Doctor Mofin.

He posts screenshots of emails on his Instagram page and his followers drop replies to the different scenarios, something like an agony aunt column.

Recently, he shared this post on his Instagram about places to find the love of your life, so if you’re single, get in formation (or information as the case may be)

The best thing about this list is the specificity if we’re being honest, and here they are!

1. Busa House ( Babcock University)

2. Kada Cinema ( Benin)

3. Moremi & Amina Hall ( Unilag)

4. Lagos Island market ( 11 am – 3 pm)

5. Coza Church Lagos / Abuja ( Front & Middle Row)

6.  Quilox “Regular section” (Not VIP)

7. @joroolumofin page comment section ( a lady with a sensible comment & decent DP)

8. Redemption camp ( First Friday of the month)

9. Daystar ( 2nd / 3rd Service )

10. Glitz saloon ( Benin)

11. Ikeja Cinema ( Free Popcorn Tuesday)

12. Ventura Mall ( Ibadan)

13.  X&B Saloon, opposite Unilag underground bakery

14. Jokers club ( Benin)

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