After 6 Long Years Of Waiting, This Lady Finally Welcomed Her Triplets


Adedeji Taiye Feyisayo Gives Birth To Triplets

Instagram user, Adedeji Taiye Feyisayo has shared her testimony on social media of how with God’s help and immense faith, she was able to overcome infertility after 6 long years of waiting and welcome her triplets.

Adedeji, who is a twin herself, said: “My mouth is filled with laughter and lips with shouts of joy. After my 3rd year of trying to conceive, i started confessing that i want triplets(2boys & 1girl). Permit me to present to u Oluwatumininu(girl), Oluwatimilehin & Oluwatomisin Adedeji. 😍😍😍my heartbeat. ”

We have her Instagram post below

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