Ayiri Emami’s net worth and his path of success – See photos of his Mansion, Expensive cars and more


There is almost no Nigerian who does not know the name, Ayiri Emami. He is one of the richest people in Nigeria. Even if he does not live in Nigeria right now, he is a huge influence in Nigeria!

Ayiri Emami house and cars

Still, not all Nigerians may get a big picture of the real situation about Ayiri Emami net worth and name. That`s why Naija.ng wants to introduce you to one of the most influential people in the country!

Ayiri Emami short biography

Ayiri Emami is a multi-billionaire! This man was raised in Delta State. A lot of young people know him as a great youth leader! He can literally bathe in cash! That`s how he can afford to buy Rolls Royce for his wife as a birthday present!

The main establishment for Ayiri is the 911 Beach and Resort of Ugorodo. It`s located in the South West of Delta State! His main source of cash is A&E Petrol, which is one of the biggest petroleum corporations in Nigerian. Moreover, his @ssets include hospitality, logistics firm, construction and other enterprises.

According to rumors, he managed to spend over 150 million Naira for his wedding in 2011 to Asba Emami. Even if it`s not enough, all his guests came to his wedding on the first cl@ss plane.

Years p@ssed since that wedding, but we still can find a lot of new things happened in the life of Ayiri Emami. In 2013, it became obvious that Ayiri Emami was a major sponsor for Innocent Idibia. The multi-billionaire spent over 20 million dollars to support the music career of the artist! It`s interesting that Ayiri Emami presented a gift to 2baba’s wife – a Range Rover Sport SUV which cost 15 million Naira.

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