Ayiri Emami’s net worth and his path of success – See photos of his Mansion, Expensive cars and more


Ayiri Emami house

Ayiri Emami house

Ayiri Emami is an owner of many huge mansions around the world. Two of them are located in the United States of America, and two more are in Nigeria. These mansions can be regarded as luxury castles. Ayiri Emami and his wife have quite a taste for luxurious things.

Some of Ayiri Emami mansions have zoos, pools and they can even be filled with luxury items. What is more about Ayiri Emami house and cars?

Ayiri Emami is a true lover of Bentley. He even bought one of the most [email protected] Bentley models of all time! It`s Bentley 1965! He also got himself a new Rolls Royce!

According to rumors, Ayiri Emami is a happy owner of at least twenty cars in his luxurious garage! It looks stunning as he has quite a choice to make when going to work. The fleet of his cars consists of Lexus, Drop-Dead, Phantom, Hummer, Mercedez Benz. BMW and many others.

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