Bridesmaid Proposals Are A Thing And Here Are 7 Creative Ways To Do It


Your fiancé has popped the question and you said a huge yes. It’s time to plan a memorable wedding but you can not do it alone.

Your bridesmaids are a huge part of your wedding ceremony and it’s best that you choose the best ladies to help you walk down the aisle.

Many ladies usually select their close friends to be on their bridal party. It would be so memorable if you proposed to your friends and ask them “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

This might sound unusual but it is way better to ask them via a text or over a phone call. It pays to get creative and do the unconventional

Here are  7 ways you can ask the question ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ in the most fun, creative and meaningful way possible.

1. A Jigsaw Puzzle asking the question “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” is really fun and creative.

bridesmaids proposal

2. A box of chocolates is a sweet way to pop the question.

bridesmaids proposal

3. A cute gift box is also a nice way to ask the question

bridesmaids proposal

4. Wine labels are so creative and uniquebridesmaids proposal wine bottle

5. Who can resist a mug as cute as this?bridesmaids proposal


6. Your friends would definitely say yes to this customized bracelet

bridesmaids proposal

7. Keep it simple with a cardbridesmaids proposal card


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