Carolyn Clancy, then the interim VA undersecretary of health,


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canada goose Despite his most recent comments on Saturday’s violence, Trump has reportedly not contacted groups representing people of color, who may have felt victimized by the rhetoric and violence that white nationalist groups have been promoting. He also mentioned “other hate groups” in his speech on Monday, instead of simply calling out white supremacy.(It’s important to note that analysis The Washington Post published Monday shows that Trump has used Twitter to accuse black people of racism three times as often as he has directed such accusations toward white people.)The presidentalso does not plan to visit Charlottesville, according to White House officials. Anaide admitted that Trump’s presence would likely make the situation worse, according to the Daily Beast.. canada goose

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canada goose coats on sale Dr. Carolyn Clancy, then the interim VA undersecretary of health, told a congressional committee in June that the VA is conducting research to identify predictors for veterans who abuse opioids and which veterans might respond best to nonnarcotic treatments. “We have some research going on in that area and we have a lot more to learn,” she said.. canada goose coats on sale

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