Check out these gorgeous Nigerian bead necklace designs (PHOTOS)


Latest Nigerian beads necklace designs are so beautiful that we have decided to make an entire post dedicated to them. Check it out if you want to find some inspiration for your own jewellery or just to see some stunning beads necklace pictures. We have all kinds of necklaces that can satisfy even the pickiest fashionista, so do not miss out!

Latest Nigerian beads necklace

We have decided to divide our beads necklace images into three distinct categories: coral necklaces, flat necklaces (meaning the ones that have several strings of beads tied together) and bulky necklaces (three-dimensional pieces). Thus, you will be able to see all 15 of our picks sorted neatly into these categories. Without further ado, here they are!





Coral Nigerian beads necklace designs

coral 1


We want to begin our coral necklaces category with this lovely beads necklace design. As you can see, it features two different patterns that actually work together perfectly. The combination of cylindrical coral beads with alternating small and big golden beads creates an unforgettable look.

coral 2


Next, we have this gorgeous creation. While the design of the strings with corals is fairly simple, the addition of these fascinating mother-of-pearl elements makes the whole necklace look exquisite. This piece would look lovely on a bride at her traditional wedding.

coral 3


If symmetrical cylindrical coral beads are not exactly your thing, then this should be right up your alley. The chunky asymmetrical pieces of coral tied together look like the real coral you can find in the sea! So if you are looking for a lovely unusual coral necklace, consider something like this.

coral 4


Here we have another chunky coral necklace. The beauty of this one is that it combines corals of two different colours, making the asymmetry stand out even more. While it is not what we came here to talk about, we also want to mention how lovely those earrings look 🙂

coral 5


If all the previous options seem like too much for you, then consider this very simple yet elegant design. This necklace would be a great choice if your wedding look is already looking stunning and you do not want to overcrowd it with bulky jewellery. As they say, sometimes more is less.

Flat beads necklace designs

flat 1


While we have not gotten far from corals, here is a gorgeous necklace made out of coral-like crystal beads. Necklaces like this one are all the rage these days, so you should probably get one for yourself to stay on trend. Besides, it is a great alternative to corals if you do not like them for some reason.

flat 2


Our second pick is this sparkly number. While it follows the same general shape of the previous necklace, notice how the difference in colour of the beads changes the whole vibe dramatically. If we were to compare this necklace to the one before, we would say that this one is a perfect option for a white wedding, while the previous one would look great for a traditional wedding.

flat 3


If you are not looking for anything too heavy and complicated, you should definitely consider this necklace. The combination of small white seed beads with blue crystal round and tear-shaped beads makes it look very light and airy. It would be a great addition to any outfit.

flat 4


Blue comes in different shades, so if you want something brighter, take a look at this more vibrant design. We absolutely love how its designer use the gold chains to keep the beads together, as the colour of the chains makes this shade of blue stand out even more.

flat 5

Photo: prestigeapplause

Now, if you want to feel like an absolute movie star, this is the way to go. When you think about it, this necklace is nothing special, just several rows of sparkly seed beads. And yet, just by adding a lovely matching brooch, you can make it look expensive and out of this world. The difference the details make is truly fascinating.

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