Failed Marriages: 10 Top causes of divorce in Nigeria


It happens so that marriages fail and the causes of divorce can be diverse. Cheating, mismatch of characters, beliefs, dissatisfaction, lack of love, jealousy, and many others form a long range of reasons why people fall apart. What are the main causes of divorce in Nigeria? 10 causes of divorce in Nigeria




Reasons marriages fail in Nigeria and divorce rate

Researchers claim that the number of divorces is growing in Nigeria. However, the nation still strongly believes that a marriage is a sacred alliance of two souls that’s blessed by the Lord, whatever the religion is. Owing to this strong faith, the rate of divorces in Nigeria, quite disturbing within the nation, is not as high as in some other countries in the world.

10 causes of divorce in Nigeria

The range of reasons why people break apart after a long-term or a short-term marriage are numerous and no way special or very much different from those in other countries. However, specialists tend to separate the most common ones.

These reasons are the most frequent and seen to be the factors that are impossible to put up with. The point is that Nigerian people who strongly believe in the sacredness of the marriage ritual would never break apart due to some minute misunderstanding. So, the list of the most common divorce causes can be named the list of the most unbearable things in the married life.

Let’s check out what they tend to name among the most frequent reasons why people break their marriages here, in Nigeria.

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