From Yarn braids to Short wool hairstyles, Faux locs – bring out your beauty in any of these Trendy hairstyles(PHOTOS)


1. Yarn braids

The yarn braids are probably the most popular hairstyle made of wool among the Nigerian fashion lovers. The fact that Brazilian wool is a really comfortable material to work with, the thickness, amount, and placement of your gorgeous braids can be controlled. Many people love wearing yarn braids because this is a truly native African way to express yourself. This is considered one of the most stylish and modern ways to style your hair, with some elements of native culture which make the hairdo even more interesting. As for the color, many people opt for various bright colors because this is the fastest way to become memorable and unique. However, if you are not a fan of the multicolored hair, you can try simple black, brown or blonde yarn braids. Either way, they will impress everyone and make you look at yourself in the new light.

Yarn braids

2. Short wool hairstyles

Yes, long braids that create a beautiful flow can be really trendy. Nevertheless, some ladies prefer the shorter hairstyles, because they feel like the short-length hair showcases their personality better, or they consider it lighter to wear. In this case, it will be even easier for you to wear your hairstyle. The short Brazilian wool hairstyles are really easy to do, and you will not have to do much work to preserve them. First of all, they are usually be thinner than the long braids. This is one of the reasons why short wool hairstyles will mean less expenditure – you will have to purchase less material, and will be able to create more braids from the same amount of Brazilian wool. If you like short hair, you totally must try a short bob with wool.

Short wool style

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