Great bridal shower looks for bridesmaids (PHOTOS)


What can be difficult when choosing bridal shower dresses? It seems so easy and simply. However, a bridal shower is very special day, especially when it’s a holiday of your friend. It’s not every day your best friend marries. That’s why, you just have to shine on that day.

Bridal shower dresses for bridesmaid

What is a bridal shower?

This is a pre-wedding old and farewell custom for unmarried girl. The custom appeared in the1890s. It’s the most popular nowadays in USA and Canada. However, Nigerian girls are also pleased to celebrate this special day. Originally, a bridal shower was created for providing of material support for a future family. When a woman’s family was poor, it could help to provide a dowry for her.

A father of future wife could refuse to give his daughter her dowry in many cases. Thus, a bridal shower was the solution for her. The guests can give their gifts not only for matrimonial home, but also provide a financial @ssistance. Among guests are only girls and women, men are not permitted. However, lately many of men also visit this event.

Bridal showers are special days for all women who are going to marry. You as bridesmaid can make this gift-giving party the best and one of the major steps is to choose beautiful outfit. Let’s look through some bridal shower ideas in Nigeria.

Bridal shower

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