Here’s Why Former Beauty Queen, Omowunmi Akinnifesi Is A Winner In Everything She Does


Former Beauty Queen, Omowunmi Akinifesi has revealed that even though people put her and her dreams down, she has come out winning.



The Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria posted on her Instagram how most people have tried to put her down but she did not listen and continued to achieve her dreams.

She wrote,

“Someone very very close to me once told me that it was impossible for me to win MBGN. “The other girls are way prettier than you. Are u blind?”. Yet i won.

How can you win Miss Tourism International? “Look at Miss Russia’s body?”…. Yet I won.

“You can not win Miss Bikini International with your dark skin”. Yet I won. In total 3 crowns. Yet i won
Next was you can never finish Unilag with an Upper Cl@ss Division. You are too busy as MBGN. Then i finished with a 3.9 GPA. Yet I won.

Kings College London can never admit you Omowunmi. Forget applying because they only take certain kind of students. Then Cambridge, Imperial, UCL and Kings College sent me admission Letters. Oxford put me on their waiting list. Because i was told KCL was way out of my league i chose KCL. Plus i liked the fact that my High School was Queens College and my Uni was Kings College. Yet I won.

Back track High school at Queens College Lagos, i was told i wasn’t good enough to be a school Prefect. Yet i became a Cl@ss Supervisor and a School prefect and won a Dancing Machine Award at our school’s awards night . Yet I Won

Fast track when i decided to start a business and someone very close to me said “you know you are just not good at Business”. Now they come to me for business advice. And i have 4 companies i run. Yet I won.

I never go the way people tell me to go. When i do i fail. I go the way my spirit directs. If you follow the words of people you will fall and remain stagnant. Follow your own heart and fail forward knowing you followed you. At the end of the day you face your death alone so what the hec. Lets run this race called life and run it unapologetically

@iamwomanafrica#Gogetter #GodFirst #Spreadpositivity#Femaleentrepreneur #YetIWon#YetIAmstillWinning.”


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