How To Add Weight Naturally With These 7 Tips



Not everyone wants to lose weight- some people are on the move to add a bit of flesh and why not! If you are that lady who thinks she will be comfortable with a bit more flesh on her, you are not making a mistake.

Here are some ways to add weight naturally

1. Eat healthy oils and fats.

Healthy oils, such as olive oil, avocado, and nuts -which have healthy fats in them, are rich in nutrients as well as high in calories. Adding a drop of oil to your salad (Yes, you heard right) or topping your meal with some sliced avocado is an easy way to increase body size.


For instance, if you’re enjoying some porridge yam, stir in some olive oil to make them creamier. For a quick mid-afternoon snack, a handful of cashew nuts or peanuts is a very good option.

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