“Ian Sandison, of Cambridge BID, said: “”Cambridge BID is keen


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Handbags Replica However, we’re committed to investing in our services as we aim to deliver the highest standards of public transport in our city both now and in the future.”Cambridge’s MP Daniel Zeichner has welcomed the improvements, but has urged the county council to scrap the parking charges imposed at park and ride sites.He said: “Ever since parking charges were introduced to the park and ride, usage has dropped, having a knock on effect on Cambridge’s traffic congestion.”I welcome the plans to improve park and ride but this does not get to the heart of the problem. Passengers voted with their feet when the charge was imposed. To get people back on board, the charge needs to go.”Ian Sandison, of Cambridge BID, said: “”Cambridge BID is keen to support initiatives that enhance the city centre experience for shoppers, commuters, tourists and leisure visitors. Handbags Replica

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