Kiss Daniel busted by foreign account for wearing fake designer wears (PICS)


Just few days after On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze stated categorically that Nigerian celebs should stop buying fake designer wears, Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel has refused to heed to the OAP and now, he’s been busted by a foreign account over his fake designer clothes.

The singer, few days ago took to his IG page to show off a newly acquired prized possession of his allegedly worth N14million.

He took to his page to show off the diamond encrusted customized chain and gave credit to the UK-based Nigerian jeweler, Malivelihood, who made the piece.

The celebrity jeweler then took to the comment section of the post and confirmed the price of the chain saying, “N14million no be small thing o.

Well, alongside his expensive sh”t, he also donned a Louis Vuitton/Supreme Box Logo sweatshirt – a cool outfit actually – not until we discovered that he was wearing a fake version of the shirt.

You see, according to the foreign account that busted him, the design shouldn’t be touching the box logo as seen below…

Apparently, that of Kiss Daniel is far from it and besides when we further investigated to find a type like his, we realized that his is actually a cloned version of the piece… yeah well…

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