Ladies, Here’s How To Spot A Stingy Guy


Nobody likes stingy guys…

And that is not to say that not liking a stingy guy is being a gold digger. Let’s be clear; some of us are independent and we are totally okay with splitting bills and cost sharing in the relationship – we can bankroll ourselves.

But sometimes, even when you’re offering to pay for yourself, you will meet a man who is pinching his pennies like a mother! We get that you have bills, and all that but so do we.

How I see it is, if you cannot treat your woman like a princess, maybe it’s best to get into a relationship when you’re financially stable or look for one who is okay with an average treatment and again, it’s not gold digging to want to be treated in a certain way. If you’re the kind that’s okay with a 100 bob wedding and the likes, it’s totally okay, to each his own.

A real woman can do it all by herself but a real man won’t let her – Anonymous

That said, here’s how to spot a stingy guy:

1. When it comes to taking you on dates, he knows all the cheapest restaurants.

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