Nigerian Female Celebrities Who Are Tomboys (PHOTOS)


Nigerian female celebrities come in different packages. All beautiful in their own unique ways, some are more feminine than others looking all gorgeous in their feminine glory.

There are others who despite being very much female aren’t in tune with their feminine side. While they have no problem with those who are a 100% girly, they are more comfortable in their not-so-girly skins.

These set of women aren’t afraid to be different. They are known as the tomboys of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Here are five Nigerian female Celebrities who are tomboys.

Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia Morgan

Nigerian Singer Cynthia Morgan flies the tomboy flag confidently for all to see. From her dressing to her mannerism, she is far from being a Barbie. The singer who also raps portrays a masculine persona in her music videos frequently. With hard core lyrics synonymous with men, the light-skinned beauty says it as it is without trying too hard to be liked. Following the release of her first single, the “Don’t Break My Heart” Singer caught the attention of fans and industry stakeholders

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