Ooni of Ife’s @ssets and luxury life – See Photos of his Palace, Rolls Royce and Much More (PHOTOS)


Did you ever want to find out how much Ooni of Ife net worth is? Many people admire his high status and luxurious way of life. If you’ll like to know more about this first cl@ss Nigerian monarch, read on.

Ooni of Ife net worth





What is the net worth of new Ooni of Ife?

In fact, the general public was not acquainted with the exact figures. The monarch acts modestly enough and does not give details on how huge his bank account is. Well, this is not a surprise, he is not an actor or a singer who publishes on the Instagram photos of new designer clothes and expensive watches

Forbes did not publish info about his net worth, the last update of the Forbes magazine about richest kings in Nigeria and their net worth was in 2014, and we know that new Ooni of Ife was crowned in 2015. Despite the fact that he is not the richest king in Nigeria, he often falls into the top 10.

Ooni of Ife

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