The expensive cars collection of Timaya aka Egberi Papa 1 Of Bayelsa (photos)


When thinking of all the people who have moved from grass to the grace in the entertainment industry, Timaya’s names comes to mind, The Port Harcourt born singer is one of the success stories of the industry who will not be forgotten soon.

Aside’s making a name for himself and building a large fan base, Timaya’s current lifestyle shows just how much of big boy he is, especially when it comes to acquiring luxurious items as well as expensive toys.

They say a man can be defined based on the kind of car in drives and for the Dem Mama crooner is collection of cars scream he has a fat bank account or how else can someone explain one man owing cars such as Mercedes, Lexus and Range Rover, to mention only a few.

According to reports, some of the singer has acquired over the years include: “white Bentley said to be worth about N72 million, -Mercedes Benz G55 AMG estimated to cost about N55 million, 2 Range Rovers said to be worth N17 million and N19 million each and a -Lexus said to be worth N13 million.

Here are photos of him by his fancy toys below:

Timaya was born Enitimi Alfred Odom and began his solo career in 2005. With over three released albums and multiple, mega endorsement deals, the Egberi Papa 1 Of Bayelsa is one who smiles to the bank every other week.

Meanwhile, just recently, Timaya moved into his multi-million naira dream house and proved to fans that dreams do come through.

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