These Pictures of a Superstar and Loving Mother, Tiwa Savage and her Cute Son are Heartwarming (PICS)


Children of celebrities are always a source of interest. Everybody wants to see their photos, especially if their parents are very popular and loved by the public.




Tiwa Savage baby pictures are touching and adorable. The photos express her love for the child. It is the most wonderful and purest feeling any woman would have. Let’s see photos of them together. Tiwa Savage and her son are truly beautiful.

Tiwa Savage with her baby at the event

Tiwa Savage with her son at the event

Just like other world superstars, Nigerian celebrities capture the awe and attention of both fans and other members of the public when they have a new baby. There is even more excitement if the baby is born at the peak of the star’s career. Some celebrities actually do not show their offspring for a long time. Others sell the first, and follow-up photos to world famous magazines for a large amount of money immediately after the little one‘s birth. To the credit of these celebrities, they spend the money on exclusive photo sessions and more often they give it to charity.

Tiwa Savage with her baby

Then, when the first wave of attention p@sses, the stars occasionally organize a photo session with their children for prestigious magazines or online publications. When this is done, they project the image of a parent in love with their child. They show off the joy and feeling of contentment that any new parent would experience. Well, maybe with a touch of glamour. Usually, during such photo sessions, fans can also see the superstar’s chic house and maybe an expensive car or two. In addition, the shoot can take place in fashionable and very expensive resorts. These are certainly an indispensable attribute of the luxury celebrities’ life.

Tiwa Savage and her son

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