Top 10 most beautiful universities in Nigeria (PHOTOS)


There are several opinions about the most beautiful university in Nigeria. In fact, it is really hard to choose only one of them. So, you can pick your favourite among the most beautiful universities in Nigeria. Enjoy!

The most beautiful university in Nigeria

The most beautiful university in Nigeria — top 10




University of Ibadan

If you ever wonder, which university is the most beautiful in Nigeria, then this one could be an answer. The University of Ibadan is the oldest university in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Located in the south-west of the country in 8 km from the center of Ibadan in the state of Oyo.

This educational institution enjoys the reputation of one of the most prestigious African universities and intellectual centers south of the Sahara. University of Ibadan has a well-developed infrastructure of education. Under its aegis, a large number of scientific periodicals, magazines, and collections are published.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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