Top 5 Essential Tips For Ladies Who Want To Travel Alone


People think women who love to travel alone are brave and daring and they are not far from the truth. Considering the kind of stories we get to hear daily. Nevertheless, live we must.

Apart from the few disadvantages that come with travelling alone, it sure does have its perks like every other thing.



Reasons for travelling could range from recreation, tourism or be vacationing to research travel. Whichever, the case may be live while you still can.

For the globetrotters jetting out solo, here are a few tips you should note.

1. Plan Ahead

Research your destination and plan ahead. Before you travel to any place, ensure that you have all the necessary information.

The knowledge comes in handy when @ssessing the environment. Find out if men in the area are particularly forward or have a tendency to approach female travelers. Know the typical tourist scams pulled off in the area, how to get around (transportation), the kind of food they have, the local customs, the local dress codes, religious beliefs and the rules and regulations guiding the inhabitants. Book a few things in advance, like accommodation.

Also, consider learning some travel skills before you leave, like how to orient a map and use a comp@ss.  It’s also useful to know a few phrases in the local language if it is different from yours.

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